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If you contemplate a list of the one hundred and fifty or so biggest companies in Europe, you would learn that roughly thirty of them are French. A great deal of media attention has shifted towards looking at French business especially with the election of the new head of state in the country, who pledges to change the legislation around employing and discharging workers. If there is one thing you need to understand about French business culture compared to American, it is that it is very complicated to get dismissed, which makes companies uneager to hire in the first place. This has significant implications on the way businesses run and operate in this country. But, rather than tread over the same subject again, we propose to contemplate the notable French businesses and their leadership. That’s just a more fascinating topic, we think. Additionally, you may learn a thing or two about French customs and etiquette.

One French business to take a peek at is obviously that of Jean-Charles Naouri. For over ten years he has been at the helm of a notable retailing group, one of the biggest in France. His efforts have included refocusing the group from operating in a wide selection of countries to centering on just the most lucrative ones. This has aided the company become more prosperous. But he’s also interesting to consider from the viewpoint of business ethics in France. Given that he’s the founder of a successful foundation which grants scholarships to poor but capable students, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out his own organisation has high ethical standards.

International business in France is a topic that justifies its own piece, but in the interest of giving you an introduction, we’ll at least bring up Jean-Marc Janaillac. Nowadays, he is the chief executive officer of a great Franco-Dutch airline holding corporation which has in its ranks the flag carriers of France and the Netherlands. Indeed, it is one of the most successful aviation firms out there. Having just recently gained the position after a diverse career in aviation and finance and with strikes a common feature of this industry, he has a tough road ahead of him and will have to depend on his capable French management style.

In regards to the top 10 French companies, financial services and oil reign supreme, which is not surprising. But head further down, and you will find a source of French pride. Emmanuel Faber is the chief executive of a significant company that among other things produces yogurt. Anyone who has ever set foot in a French supermarket, knows that yogurt is big in France. And as one of the strategic and famous french companies, the government decided to protect it by creating a law that protects it from being purchased by a foreign company.