Business Buildings In London Showcasing Cool Architecture Design

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London is one among the most fascinating cities in the world. Here, you can do anything your heart desires – if you are after history, culture, amusement or even work this is the place to be. London is also a very multicultural location, so anyone can feel at home, no matter where you initially come from. Other than this London is an extremely historical city. London has remained the centre of tourist attraction for many generations, and this focus has placed a mark through the ages. We can see cultural landmarks and interesting ancient architecture related to nearly any historic era. What’s so interesting about this city is that it has numerous historic levels. Whilst taking walks through the streets of London you can appreciate countless styles of architecture. What marks our present era is wthout question the countless workplace building that have been springing up over the previous century. Office professionals constitute a considerable proportion of the workforce, so it is not a surprise that we have so many spectacular complexes dedicated specifically to them.

London is very famous for its skyline, and there is one building that particularly stands out. It was constructed only a few years back, but has gained a large recognition since. The construction was developed by Sellar Property Group. It has a highly recognisable form of a piece of glass, and has an outside entirely covered in glass. It is regarded by many to be one of the modern architectural wonders of the world. The construction itself is a host to a number of offices, on top of a hotel, restaurant and numerous bars and even apartments.

The location of this building has a very long history going all the way back to the Roman Empire. Formerly it has been the site for a garden marketplace, which has been destroyed in the course of the great fire of London. Afterwards a skyscraper has been constructed that for a long time was one of the most tallest and famous buildings in London. Recently it was dismantled, and a different office structure was created and developed on the same site, with some input from Evans Randall Investors.

This office construction is situated in the financial city center of London, and is a symbol in what is known the bowelism movement – one of the many modern styles of architecture where the servicing components of the building, such as lifts and toilets, are built on the outside of the building in order to maximise the room in the construction. It was constructed by a renowned architect, noted for his modernist building styles, and who has had the chance to work on structures of huge significance all over Europe. The architect is at this time a partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.